Catching Up with Danielle Bosland
2017 SheBelieves Hero™

In March of last year, Danielle Bosland traveled to Harrison, New Jersey, to meet the U.S. Women’s National Team. She attended a training session and was a VIP guest at the match against England on March 4. Bosland was the winner of the 2017 SheBelieves Hero™ contest, which aimed to find a girl between the ages of 13-17 who embodies the SheBelieves spirit, someone who is a leader in their community, a confident and passionate individual who empowers others around her and is working to make a difference. 

In honor of the 2018 SheBelieves Hero™ Twitter Contest, we decided to catch up with Bosland at the end of 2017 and ask her about the impact SheBelieves has had in her and how she plans to continue making an impact around her. Hey Danielle, it’s good to chat again. How are things in school? What are your holiday plans?
Danielle Bosland: This school year has been a challenging one. Trying to balance schoolwork with sports and extracurricular activities has proven to be a great challenge. But I’m making it work. As of right now, my holiday plans are to go to my aunt and uncle’s house and spend Christmas Day with my whole family. I honestly can’t wait because I love being able to spend as much time with my family as possible. It’s not often we can all gather in one place so I’m excited! Since we last saw you, in what ways have you applied the SheBelieves philosophy in your life? Are you still involved in your community?
DB: Definitely. The way I live my life thinking of SheBelieves means that I always want to find ways in my life to try and help my peers and teammates around me, whether that is with homework, or pushing them to go for their dreams. I am also still a part of the Intergenerational Club where we interact with the elderly in my community and I help in the kids’ program during the summer. Since last year, I have joined a club at my school called ‘David’s Dream and Believe’ where we undertake fundraising efforts to support local families affected by cancer.

Recently, I was selected by my guidance counselor to be one of the few students to go talk to the elementary school kids on common concerns they have on coming to the middle and high schools. And then, I was also asked to be a leader in a group called Girl Talk, where we work to empower younger girls throughout the community. We hold weekly meetings and just get to know each other and try to give any advice we can to younger girls. What did you take away from your experience at the SheBelieves Cup?
DB: It was just such an amazing experience. First and foremost, I learned just how real the WNT women are. All of them were great to talk to and very relatable. I think it’s easy to think they’re different because of what they do and the spotlight they have on them, but it was nice to learn how similar we actually are.

I also am so appreciative of the opportunity I was given. When I returned home after the game, I reflected on all that happened over the course of that weekend. It was so kind of the team to allow me to come out to training and their game. The experience made me want to give back to my community and make people as happy as I was at the SheBelieves Cup in March. In what ways do these players and this team continue to inspire you?
DB: My dream as of right now is the get accepted into the University of North Carolina and study physical therapy. Every day I give my all in my school work, so that hopefully I can get accepted in the next two years. I continue to look up to the players on the WNT because they are an example of how hard work can lead you to your dreams. Every one of those women on that team had a dream and worked day in and day out to achieve it. And, I hope to achieve my dream too. Finally, which would you say was your favorite U.S. WNT game of 2017?
DB: It probably would be the game against Brazil at the Tournament of Nations. That game was epic! The late comeback and win was so fun to watch. But my favorite goal would be Julie Ertz’s goal against Korea Republic. I could watch that goal on repeat all day!